The naming system by which servers are identified is known as the Domain name system.The domain names indicate the type of the website and these usually appear in the end of the website address or URL.The popular domains are listed below:

1. com  refers to the commercial nature of the server .
2. edu  is used for educational firms and institutions .  is for the government organizations and bodies.  represents the servers hosted for military servcies.  denotes the network servers used for ISPs and networks.  this is generally used for Non-profit organizations and NGOs used for the servers owned by listed companies

In addition to the above domain names,  a two letter abbreviation indicating the country name where the server is located is also used by some websites. For example, Here the last word .in suggests that the server is based in India.

Similarly, the URL indicates that the base is New Zealland (.nz).
Some country abbreviations are listed below:

au    Australia
ca    Canada
dk  Denmark
fr    France
jp   Japan
uk   United Kingdom

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