Pleasant Viewing

Many people find their life becoming difficult and awkward if they do not browse the internet or post in Facebook or twitter every day. Some go to the extent of saying “Life is a boredom without reading the daily emails, chatting with online friends (whom most probably they never personally met each other and in fact, might not even recognize if they happen to accidentally come face to face).The level of computer addiction is growing day-by-day and this causes serious concerns to the governments and the welfare seekers.

Among the computer users, the youth and school children form the major chunk of the computer addicts. The productivity and the education standards stand to suffer from this modern disease of computer mania.

Many of the problems arising from this avoidable addiction fall under health category. People tend to get problems like stiff wrist and elbow, fatigue, stress, back pain, loss of eyesight, etc...

The best way to come out of these problems from computer addiction is to change your habits only. The 10 methods given below would relieve your strain and enable your comfort level and general health.

1. Correct Posture: Always use a chair with arms for your computer and position your computer screen as at arm's length and twenty degrees below your eye level. This will avoid the pain and strain to your eyes and body.

2. Proper lighting: Source of light in your room should remain behind and above the computer monitor. Try to keep the room light source on the side walls as it distracts your interaction with the monitor.

3. Avoid glare and radiation: Install the LCD screens instead of the outdated CRT monitor to have lower levels of glare and radiation. You can wear plain and zero power spectacles to avoid the heat and glare of the system.

4. Turn away at regular interval: This will refresh your eyes from the heat and radiation of a monitor. You can have green colored room walls or wall papers pasted on the walls which would add freshness when you turn away from the computer.

5. Blink eyes: Don’t keep your eyes glued to the monitor but constantly close and open them.

6. Rub palms: Stretch your arms at frequent intervals and keep rubbing your palms for at least 30 seconds each time.

7. Eat snacks and fruits: In between your computer sessions, do have the habit of chewing of light snacks like biscuits, peanuts etc., bits of fruits and fresh vegetable salads.

8. Massage and wash eyes: Every four hours prefer to rinse your eyes with cool and clean water and massage them while wiping the moisture with the hankies.

9. Stand and walk or move out, chat:

10. Relax wholly: Every one hour close your eyes and inhale and exhale with long gaps between them .This relaxation should be at least for 30 seconds.

Sure, you would realize the wholesome benefits of these 10 steps once you make them as your habit of computer viewing.

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