Clients,Servers and URL

A www client is called as Browser and a www server is called as web server.
They are complimentary and not supplementary of the web system.

Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the most popular web  browsers.

A browser is a software that navigates through the world wide web and displays the pages of the website.

A server is the software that responds to the request made by the browser to display the web pages.

Web address is the location of a website server. Each website has a unique address called  as Uniform Resource Locator(URL). For example, Blogger website address is given as "".


The Internet structure of www is built on a set of rules framed to have uniform standard for all the web servers. These rules are termed as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP) and a page description language called Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML).

Elements of URL

An address , website or page or file, on the Internet  is represented by the URL which is determined by
  1. Type of server or protocol
  2. Name,address of the server
  3. Location of the file ( otherwise known as "path" the file hierarchy.
In any typical URL like", the "http" identifies both the protocol and server. As per set standards, a colon(:) and two forward slashes(//) follow the protocol/server.
The next element is the name of the server , in this case ""

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