Don't s

Any Internet user should follow these "Do Not' s"  to have continuous use of your computer and the Internet. So, take care.

  1. DO NOT... use your real name and personal details online unless you rely the site.
  2. DO NOT ...allow your child to meet face-to-face with someone met online unless you will be there.
  3. DO NOT....allow e-mail from an unknown sender to be opened; it may contain a virus.
  4. DO NOT ...give out passwords or credit card numbers online.But the card numbers can be given if the site is reliable.
  5. DO NOT...hand in material found online as your own work. Always quote the source in such cases.Otherwise it is plagiarism, which is illegal.
  6. DO NOT... tamper with or hack into someone else's computer. That is a serious crime.
  7. DO NOT... copy software you have not paid for or received written permission to copy.
  8. DO NOT... order anything offered "free" without parent's permission.
  9. DO on an e-mail attachment unless you know who it's from.
  10. DO NOT...respond to junk e-mail (spam). Not even to "unsubscribe" from their e-mailing list that just lets the spammer know they've found a valid e-mail address. The safest way is to "ignore and delete"!
  11. DO NOT... arrange to meet anyone you've met on the Internet without telling your parents.
  12. DO NOT... make copies of any copyrighted material, like books, magazines or music or software, without the permission of the author, publisher, or artist. It's a crime. This is the same as stealing them from a store.


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