Network Devices

There are many  devices used for the smooth  functioning of a Network. The important devices are listed here below.
  1. Modem A peripheral that allows you to connect and communicate with other computers via telephone lines. A Modem can be external or internal to the computer. 
  2. RJ-45  is the short form for Registered Jack-45.It is an eight-wire connector to connect computers on the LAN especially Ethernet which is a LAN developed by Xerox Corp along with DEC and Intel.
  3. Ethernet Card  A special card used in the Ethernet model and the card contains connections for either coaxial or twisted pair cables.
  4. Hub is a hardware device used to connect several computers together. A Hub can be Active or Passive hub . If the hub amplifies the signal ,it is called as active hub.
  5. Switch is a device for segmenting the networks into different sub networks called Sub-nets or LAN segments. This helps in preventing the traffic overload in a network.
  6. Repeater device to amplify and restore a signal for a long distance transmission.
  7. Bridge This establishes an intelligent connection between two local networks with the same standard but with different types of cables.
  8. Router used to separate different segments in a network to improve performance and reliability  This is similar to a Bridge but can handle different protocols.
  9. Gateway is a device to connect dissimilar networks. It makes an intelligent connection between a Local network and  external networks with different structures.

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