Do's for Internet access by your family
  1. Have fun with the Internet.
  2. Set limits for children's use of the Internet
  3. Establish guidelines for acceptable materials and monitor sites visited
  4. Discuss and post rules for Internet use by the computer as a reminder and be sure to include consequences for breaking the rules.
  5. Establish rules for ordering products online and carefully review credit card bills.
  6. Warn children about possible online harassment and misrepresentation.
  7. Learn to evaluate a site for accuracy and validity. Many are designed solely to sell.
  8. Complain to businesses and organizations that request personal information from children.
  9. Consider some form of blocking or filtering software.
  10. Know what information your Internet provider makes available to others.
  11. Install antivirus and anti spyware software on your computer, and keep it up to date.
  12. Ensure to log out from any site where you've entered personal information, a password, user name, etc. if you use a computer in a public place, such as your local library or senior center.
  13. Respect the privacy of other users on the Internet, just as you expect your privacy to be respected. 
  14. Be careful when you copy ("download") programs from the Internet. 
The above are not the exhaustive list on how to make use of the internet effectively.These are the general  ideas formed out of the experience of many netizens.

You may have your own methods and measures to ensure a better use of the internet.

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