World WideWeb(www) is a set of protocols that allows us to access any document on the net through s naming system called as URLs(universal Resource Locator).It also specifies a method HTTP(hypertext Transfer protocol) to seek and send a document .

WWW is generally mistaken as Internet which is incorrect.
Actually,www is only a part of the Internet. Internet is the Ocean whereas worldwide web is a sea in it.
Prior to www, Internet was mainly used for getting the textual information.But post-www, popularity of internet grew stupendously because of graphic-intensive nature of www.

Popularity of www is due to  the following attributes only.
  1. User-friendly: Resources on www work easily with most of internet browsers .
  2. Multimedia documents: Information on www can be viewed  as graphics, videos, animations and text in the form of web pages. 
  3. Hypertext and Hyperlinks : are supported by www.
  4. Interactive: www pages support and enable interactivity between users and servers through one or more of these methods-Hyperlinks and input boxes like radio buttons, check-boxes,etc..
  5. Frames: refer to the display of more than one interdependently controllable sections on single page of the www.

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